Along with serving you in the best possible manner, Folkfashions also places a high importance on gaining and safeguarding your trust. We know that your decision to shop with us and give us information about your personal details is a major decision and we are grateful for it.

When we ask you for details like your name, mailing address, phone number, and email address, we do that to ensure a better quality of experience for you and faster assistance in case of any problems.

The policy stated here will tell you about how we collect information and link it for better service. The policy is open to changes in the future and we request you to stay updated on the same.

The Information We Track and Gather

The site automatically tracks all details related to use of this platform, via cookies, including URL tracking information, the browser selected by the user, the user's IP address as also the pages viewed and selections made on the platform.

The site also gathers details regarding your shopping preferences as also collect correspondence like emails or letters that you send to us.

The site uses all these details to improve your experience by providing you content that is valuable and pertaining to your interests as also notify you of our new offerings and special services.

Some of your data will be passed on to courier companies, credit card processing companies, vendors and other such entities requiring the same upon your placing an order with us.’

Folkfashions will not sell or rent out your personal information to any third party unless authorized by the user, if the requested service demands or if required to comply with the governing law.